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Cajun Beer Can Smoked Chicken

You haven't experienced what chicken can be until you've slow smoked one. It's almost a different meat. Falls off the bone, packed with flavour and smells incredible. You'll need a chicken, garlic, your favourite cajun spice rub mix, can of... Continue Reading →


Sunday Afternoons Spent Smoking Chicken, Listening to Good Music, Drinking Good Beer

Not much to say other than how better to spend an Sunday afternoon?  I have the wireless ThermoPro monitoring my internal meat and smoker temperature, I have draught Affligem and fantastic tunes on my Sonos system. Enjoy your Sunday.

Easy Lamb Kofte Kebabs

We all love a kebab - but when you stagger into 'Kents best kebab & chicken' at 3am and order a No.6 you don't really experience what a proper kebab is like. Making homemade lamb Kofte kebabs is easy, fresh and... Continue Reading →

Hangover Special – Bacon & Egg Roll

I know this is nothing new, but you can't hit the spot any better than with bacon and eggs after a heavy night. It just sorts you out and tastes better than ever. I don't like to go over the... Continue Reading →

Left over beef? Make Nachos.

Leftovers. You can make some great stuff with leftover cooked meat and I recently found myself with some left over smoked brisket. I made up a rub, which was incredible, shame I didn't make note what I put it in... Continue Reading →

Pulled Pork is just the best

Pulled pork is just superb. It's an all day cook so just stick it in and forget about it for the day. You need a slow cooker,  BBQ marinade, Apple Juice, While rolls, chips, coleslaw, fresh rocket and cheese. Oh... Continue Reading →

Don’t be alarmed by pink rings on slow smoked meat

When I serve meat that has been cooked slowly on my gas smoker, sometimes people are a little concerned by the presence of pink.     Normally, this would cause concern but when you cook meat slowly, it's actually a... Continue Reading →

Why Poussin is Awesome

Have as roast with a bit of a twist and try Poussin. Poussin is just a young chicken, normally less than 28 days old. The meat is really succulent and juicy and you can roast one in about 45 minutes.... Continue Reading →

Homemade Battered Cod & Chips with Squid

I know it's not Friday but fish and chips are always good. I was choosing my cod fillets at the Fish Mongers and got drawn in by the novelty of buying an entire squid. Which is the sole reason why... Continue Reading →

You should include Clay Bar in your big car cleans

If you have a white car, as I do, then you'll be familiar with the pain of keep the f*cking thing clean. I normally wash mine every 1-2 weeks, just a quick jet wash, shampoo, rinse & dry. Every couple... Continue Reading →

THE SUB – by Krups & Heineken (Review)

I have wanted a at home beer pump for quite a while. But they always seem inconvenient and expensive. A proper 'pub style' setup costs loads, takes up loads of room with chillers and big barrels Many operate with a... Continue Reading →

Surf City Garage Carnuba Wax

The first thing you'll notice about this wax is it's incredible smell. Smells great, really great. I've tried a few waxes and never really found one that I was completely happy with. Always either not glossy enough, too difficult to... Continue Reading →

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